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Attorneys Represent Teen Who Crashed Plane In Florida

Attorneys affiliated with Accutane Suicide Legal Help represent the family of a Florida teenager who after using Accutane committed suicide by flying a plane into a Tampa office tower. The attorneys have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Hoffman-LaRoche April 16, 2002.

Charles Bishop a 15 year old killed himself by crashing a single-engine Cessna into Bank of America building.

The lawsuit was filed in Hillsborough County Circuit Court against Hoffman-La Roche argues that the company failed to warn patients about side effects which can include psychosis, depression and suicide.

"Our suit alleges that Hoffman-La Roche has known that this drug causes spontaneous suicide and depression but they have refused to accept responsibility."

Accutane (isotretinoin) now features an FDA insert warning of the drugs link with severe depression and suicide.


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